Garda Station Attendance

If you are brought to a Garda Station it is essential that you speak with a Solicitor as soon as possible. Whether you have been arrested and thereafter, brought to the Garda Station, or if you have simply been asked to attend voluntarily for the purpose of interview, you will need specific advice from a Solicitor experienced in dealing with these detentions before you decide how you deal with this situation. Since 2014, you are permitted to have your Solicitor remain with you for the duration of any interviews at the Garda Station. You are entitled to have the advice of a Solicitor before you make any decisions. Thomasina Connell has a vast range of experience in attending at Garda Stations throughout Leinster and can advise you of what your rights are, how long you can be detained and when you can expect to be released.

Before you answer any questions, it is vital that you ask a member of An Garda Siochana to contact your Solicitor straight away.

Although it is a very stressful experience, you must not forget that you have rights while you are detained and that there are procedures in place to protect you for the duration of the arrest. If you have been asked to attend at a Garda Station please contact Thomasina Connell on our 24 hour phone number – 086-6676218